Tom’s Cargo Bikes

Arriving home after a fun jaunt downtown on my bicycle with Marin to get a pair of Baby BanZ Sound Ear Muffs to protect her precious hearing, we were standing outside relating our adventures to Seth when a fellow rode past on a cargo bicycle with his 7 month old daughter in a car seat strapped into the cargo bucket. Of course Seth turned to look and admire, then realized  that the bicycle was one of the first cargo bikes that his friend Tom had made years ago.

The new owner, Charles, was kind enough to stop and let us admire his newly acquired machine, the “New Carissa”.

A couple years ago Tom and his wife decided to go car free, so they started looking into other transportation options. Of course here in Portland, OR the cargo bicycle is the most common option, so Tom started doing a bit of research on them but gasped at the price tag! With his mechanics knowledge, he decided to build his own cargo bike using easy to find old bicycle parts. That was so much fun that he made another one!

With 60+ builds under his belt, the latest versions are nowhere’s near the rustic fledgling cargo carriers that they evolved from.

Bike Portland featured a post on one of Tom’s newest bicycles that he built by commission with some assistance and design input from Seth. Built around two water filters, it hooks up to any untreated water source, ie garden hose, filters the water and produces beautifully clean drinking water from it’s four taps. Perfect for places suffering from natural disasters.