Soggy Toes

Wind hit the house in gusts, slamming drops of rain into the siding like sand in a prairie storm. Nestled under the bed covers down in the basement, we hardly noticed the weather until……. Marin pooped out her diaper.”Eew yuck!”

Seth took the job of cleaning his little girl up while I set about changing the bed sheets. That’s when my bare feet made contact with soaking wet carpet. Not damp, soaking!

As almost every parent out there knows, nightly excursions out of bed are a norm that you learn to deal with without getting too out of sorts, but who wakes up to wet carpet?!!!

Squishy floor

The wind through the night had blown rainwater against the house, letting it drain down the outside of the cement wall until it found a fault to seep through, leaking out across the floor, covering my side of the “room”.

Come morning, Seth slipped into shoes and retrieved my boots so I could escape the soggy wetness that was below my side of the bed.

Good morning Portland!

Trickle in the bedroom