A Soggy Walk

Big puddle makes for fun adventures

School is out for Thanksgiving week, so Seth and I were left in charge of the kids as work must go on for Andrew. Rain was blustering around but the day was surprisingly warm, so off we went on a small adventure.

We are all big fans of books and love to peruse them in bookstores even if we may never purchase them, so convincing the two kids to get out of the house into the rain was no problem. Our destination and all time favorite store… Powell’s!

We all stayed somewhat dry on the walk there, but it was questionable at first whether that could be the case when just two blocks from the house we met a ginormous rain puddle! Seth and L were the only ones with tall waterproof boots, so they just walked right on through. C and I took our time to walk a little ways around before finding a spot where the gutter narrowed enough for us to jump across.

There is a certain pleasure to be had of walking through the rain. Sometimes it is truly unpleasant and you wish to get the experience done and over with as quickly as possible, but other times it can be a real treat. Maybe it is the company with which you walk, or the temperature of the day, or maybe it is the colour of the leaves that are still left on the trees or the shade of grey in the sky. Who knows what makes a fun rain day different from a miserable one?

When dogs come home smelling of themselves and puddles get left on the floor to be stepped in by stocking-ed feet, those are the days that call for hot chocolate, a good book and a toasty fire place.

Every day can have it’s down sides, but when looked at through the right pair of glasses the day can turn into wonderful memories.

Preparing to cross the puddle

Boots in their glory