Telephones; Curse and Blessing

Sometimes these come in handy, and that's why we keep 'em around.
Sometimes these come in handy, and that’s why we keep ’em around.

Brother-In-Law and the kids are gone for the week, leaving the house relatively empty and no-one but me to answer the phone. That’s no problem really, except that it rings a lot and is never anybody interesting enough to write a message down for. That’s no problem really, except that now I really don’t want to answer the phone anymore!

Today it was a good thing I DID answer it though! Unlike all of the other times where the caller is looking to find Brother-I-L here, instead this caller knew perfectly darn well that he wasn’t here. She started by explaining who she was (as I have never met her before) as a relative and as the person with whom Brother-I-L and the kids are staying with for the holidays.

Me: ???????????

One set of house keys got left in the house, and the other was given to Brother-I-Law so they could go off on their own adventures. Of course the keys that had been in the house were now locked in, leaving the house owners out in the cold after coming home from their ventures.

With only one cell number to try, they were not having any luck getting in contact with Brother-I-L, so they called here, hoping to obtain another cell number they might try. Two numbers and some great laughs later, I think they were able to make the necessary connections to get back into the house!

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