Hitched a Ride on a Band Bus

Last post was about having two pro chefs in the house cooking dinner for Christmas. The meal was delicious and the friends wonderful. Since then, we have regularly eaten top-notch food until just two nights ago when Kay decided it was going to be dinner out as it was her last night in town and she wanted to pack instead of cook. So off we went for burgers!

Walking home from Little Big Burger, we saw that some lights were on and people walking around inside a converted school bus that had parked on our street just earlier that day. I think we were all curious, but Kay went out of her way to go talk to them. A local music band, they were heading out later that night for San Francisco but were short a driver. With some chatting, and I’m sure smooth talking, Kay caught a ride with them, saying hasty goodbyes to those left behind and condolences to Cee who desperately wanted to go too but will get his own opportunities when he is older.

Thus a late night whirlwind left us quiet and dull the next morning, waking up to what felt like an empty house.