Olé Latte Coffee

Just the other day we walked across the river to the food carts on 10th and Alder to visit a friend (Todd) who moved his coffee cart there at the beginning of the month. We had made a bunch of recycled bicycle tire wreaths for the holidays and Todd was stoked to see if they would sell. It now being into the new year though, we crossed over to take them off his hands.

The new plan….. make Valentine wreaths!

Anyway, Todd now has a wonderfully busy spot downtown selling coffee to all the people visiting the other carts for food. I like how his cart is always clean and fresh looking, you are always greeted with a warm smile and the coffee tastes great!

He even has a large selection of non dairy milk choices for your drinks if you are lactose intolerant like my hubby, or simply prefer to stay away from milk and soy as I do.

You can check out his fun and lively FB page at OleLatteCoffee , but sure as shootin’ you need to go check him out for yourself and taste his wonderful drinks served up with a smile.

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