Smith and Bybee Lakes

A little bit of warmth in the sun’s rays

The day was crisp. Frost coated the grass and trees, our breath came out like puffs of smoke, but the air was still and the sun was doing it’s best to shine through the haze floating over the wetlands.

The paved walkway made for an easy walk as well as making it easily wheelchair accessible. For us it meant we didn’t have to watch our footing, but could stare up into the trees, watching the sun filter down through the branches, trying to melt the frozen drops of dew off intricate spider webs that sparkled and danced in the light.

Most of the birds have made their way to warmer climates, but a few brave water foul could still be seen floating through the frigid water where ice had not yet formed.

IMG_1523The cold of the day and somewhat removed location of the lakes made for an enjoyably desolate walk, except for the cute little girl in the bright pink snow-suit sitting in the tall grass with her head down, not talking or moving, because she was “invisible”.

The sun sifting through the haze brought an apocalyptic feel to the place, with a railroad track lined with cars on one side, and the quiet, almost haunted lake flooded up over tree roots, leaving them standing in a smooth calm watery world with only the occasional duck to wander past and bring life to these desolate wintry wetlands.