Huge Steps in One Week

People told us right as soon as Marin was born, that we needed to enjoy each day to its fullest as she would grow fast and time would fly past us so fast we wouldn’t see it. I certainly have tried each and every day to appreciate and treasure each of the little things she does, and I know that Seth does as well. We each enjoy cuddling and playing with her, making her smile and ooggling over how big her toes have grown or how crystal clear her blue eyes are. Even the whites of her eyes have a slight clean blue tinge to them!


This past week has been a big one for our little girl. Seth bought her a  sippy cup which she absolutely loves. She has found a new fascination with her toes, bringing them up to her mouth to suck on even if there is a leather shoe in the way.

Yesterday she rolled over for the first time, going from her belly to her back, but no, she did not roll back over. One thing at a time!

One of her favorite things for us to do with her, is stand her up with just her hands holding onto something solid or holding our own hands, then see how long she can wiggle and wobble and hold her balance on her feet.

She has finally learned that being put in her snow suit is NOT a bad thing. Now she smiles and giggles when she sees it come out, knowing that a walk or bike ride is coming up for her which she really enjoys.

5 thoughts on “Huge Steps in One Week

  1. Oh my goodness ssssssooooooo cute! Popped in to see Sharon, shared a peek of Marin with her. Soooo cute. Many blessing to you all . Love ya

    1. That she does! I picked her up by just the hands today and she lifted off the ground and right into my arms with her body almost horizontal to the ground the whole time. Very strong tummy muscles.

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