Gardening in February? Na… Just Wishful Thinking

Snowdrops have popped out beside the path along the edge of the house along with bright orange Crocuses, bringing that whole side of the yard to life, as if those few brave flowers are fabled heroes of garden foliage. Their bold defiance of winter tempts me to start planting seeds and buying young plants from the nursery, but I know that the pleasant weather we have been blessed with is sure to turn sour again before spring truly arrives this year.

The garden that the whole neighborhood was proud of, the one that is our front yard, had gone to the weeds. Last year I know it received a token attempt at keeping it kept, but with no woman around to nurture it, the weeds quickly overwhelmed the men and they gave up, turning their time and energy to projects more suited to their inclinations.

This year, the flowers and bushes have been cut back or uprooted and I have plans of adding new varieties, mostly edible plants and flowers as that way it will not only look pretty, but be productive as well. But nothing is going in quite yet. I am bouncing in anticipation, waiting for nice weather to truly be here before doing anything major to the garden. I sure hope it with look as nice as I imagine it!