It is a Wonderful Day!

You know how sometimes life seems to fly past you so fast you don’t know where it all went? On the other hand time can drag so slow it looks like the slugs out in the garden are getting a head start on next week’s projects.

The last month has been a strange mix of those feelings of the passing of time. Slow and fast, swift and sluggish. Working on immigration paperwork, it goes so slow and yet the days fly past so fast.

But we got it done!

Two days ago I mailed our package off and gave a big sigh of relief. Then I went home and spent the rest of the day working in the garden, getting things done that I have been putting off for a couple weeks now. It’s like a huge wall has gone down and left so many things open to do. Open to possibilities. When it is sunny I can go outside and get grounded in the garden. Rainy times I can catch up on house work.

It’s funny how taking out one dreadful task makes all other chores seem like pleasures and not chores at all! Now I actually WANT to clean up the basement!

Today is one of those special days I think. Marin and I got to talk to my mother on Skype down in Mexico, now the country music is turned up, the sun keeps popping it’s head out. The only down turn is that I have to find that danged USB that I lost the other day. Other than that, it is a wonderful day to be here in Portland! I am a happy woman with a beautiful happy baby on my lap.