A Day At The Zoo

You know how sometimes there is a serious aspect to your life in the moment and it seems to consume you and tint every part of your day, even if you are not directly trying to deal with it at that point in time? An issue is big and menacing and it starts to get you down over time. That’s not a good thing. It happens, and is quite normal, but it drains you and leaves you feeling tired and weary. That’s when you go out and have a day of fun!

We were getting pretty quiet and focused on what we needed to get done, but Seth in his wonderful way insisted on a day off. So we went to the zoo.

Of course it wasn’t quite such a simple matter of packing up the baby, hopping in the van and driving out to the zoo. No, we packed up the baby, straddled our bicycles, rode downtown to Pioneer Square, locked the bikes, jumped on the train and rode it out to the zoo. We almost never do things the simple way!

For most of our wanderings through the green bordered paths between the animals, Marin sat quietly on my hip, looking at everything, being especially intrigued by the other humans wandering past. She gazed for mere moments at the animals, becoming fascinated with the waterfalls. Finally near the end of our time there, we found some animals that caught her interest. The first was the Arctic Terns, as they splashed in the water right in front of her, they took flight in grand swoops around their aviary, with Marin twisting her head, trying to keep them in view. She smiled big every time they flew close. She was also quite taken later with the little parakeets as they nibbled on her finger tips.

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At the end we found a river otter playing by himself, doing backflips off the plexiglass observation wall, twirls in the current and dives from the shore into the swift creek flowing through it’s small home. Seth held Marin up for her to watch the otter, following as it swam back and forth, bringing Marin to giggle and laugh and it’s antics.

When the day was done, we all were happy and tired, glad to have had a day of fun, leaving all worries behind.

Days like tthis are what keeps us going. They remind us that life is worth living and loved ones are worth doing whatever it takes to keep them beside us.