Where is Your Family?

Friends, relatives, acquaintances, strangers….. they all ask where my family are now. Family as in my parents and 8 siblings. So let me tell you.

Layne with her room-mate's dog Roxi
Layne with her room-mate’s dog Roxi

Currently my older sister is working and putting herself through school on our much-loved Vancouver Island. She is a fantastic barista and has recently discovered a love for rock-climbing, although where she lives is a little out of the way for getting to any rock gyms.

(Left to right) Toveli, Mitchell, Maret, Karen "Mom", Danaka, Anders, Laars, Gaelyn, Marin, me, Everette "Dad"
(Left to right) Toveli, Mitchell, Maret, Karen “Mom”, Danaka, Anders, Laars, Gaelyn, Marin, me, Everette “Dad”

My younger siblings (all 7 of them) are in Mexico with my parents, vacationing long term on the beach. The last couple months have found them settled in on the beach near a little town called Los Frailes.

This picture of them (on right) was taken last year as they visited us in Portland, Oregon on their way through the states. As you can see, they have a 15 passenger van which carries all of them plus all their belongings and camping equipment. The day after this photo was taken two roof-top tents were installed for added sleeping quarters.

No, they do not have a trailer.

Since first getting this particular van, my family has traveled from Canada’s west coast, down to Arizona for a winter, across to Georgia and up the eastern seaboard to Nova Scotia, then back to the west coast of Canada via the Trans Canada Highway, all of which I was fortunate to be a participant during their circuit of greater North America.

Now they have left Canada’s west coast yet again, traveling to warmer climates, soaking up adventures and sunshine.

The most recent little adventure they had was eating fried rattlesnake. That just goes into the big simmering pot of adventures they are cooking up, which so far also includes listening to a pod of whales singing in the bay, teaching the youngest boy Laars to leave scorpions alone, and spending an evening at Burning Bush.

Sometimes when they are traveling around, exploring, I have the fun opportunity to tell people that I honestly don’t know where my family is. I know which country, but nothing more specific than that.

I think sometimes people are concerned and worried because I do not always know my family’s travel details. But I never worry. I know their style and thirst for unique experiences, off the beaten path, with little or no internet. They know how to look after themselves!

Do you have adventurous family or friends like my folks? Are YOU an adventurer? I would love to hear your stories.