Sharp Little Protrusion in the Mouth

You can’t believe how excited I am that my little girl’s first tooth just popped out. Seriously, it wasn’t there yesterday when I checked!

Seth found it this morning. As I was gathering Marin’s clothes to get her changed, she was playing with Seth and chewing on his fingers. That’s how he found it. A sharp little bump on her bottom gums.

Upstairs and playing on the couch now, her favorite toy is still the small metal spoon that she has been favoring for the past week. The metal must feel nice and cool on her gums. So much for conventional chew toys!

Favorite toy is a kitchen spoon
Favorite toy is a kitchen spoon

6 thoughts on “Sharp Little Protrusion in the Mouth

      1. squeezin’ and pinchin’ aren’t the same. I can give you a nice squeeze without it hurting, right? I won’t be hurting that precious thing, not on purpose, that’s for sure.

      2. I know you won’t. I know you love her far too much to pinch those cute little rosy cheeks of hers. She’s gonna love this summer when she gets her Grandma back! And her Grandpa and all those little aunts and uncles of hers!

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