Goodwill Bins

The Bins

Ask someone from around here if they have ever been to the bins and you might get a horrified look. Or on the other hand depending on who you ask, you might receive a big grin, a small chuckle and a question aimed right back at you; “Why? Have you been there yet?”

You certainly don’t go there for a picnic!  It is a place of adventure and discovery though. Long bins on wheels set end to end and two wide. Dust and dirt collecting on the floor and in your nostrils. Friends calling out to each other, babies crying, Goodwill workers demanding your attention as they pull half empty bins off the floor and push full ones back on.

Seth had already spent a couple of hours there some time ago in the winter, so he explained some of the workings of the place to me as I spun in slow circles, trying to take in everything at once. As he wrapped up his explanation, his gloves got put on and he dove into the mayhem of people scrounging for good deals. A few minutes later I joined him with my own pair of gloves donned and a wary eye kept trained on the well-being of Marin, looking wide-eyed out of her car seat atop a buggy.

There is never any telling what you might find in one of the bins. A ball gown, portable toilet, bikinis, skis, dart board or underwear. We found some nice looking clothes for Marin, a bike rack, shirts for myself and a toy for Lorax.

The best part is the end, when your buggy gets weighed with all your treasures piled high within. There are a few items that gets sold with a price tag, but the vast majority is all priced by weight. Have a buggy with less than ten pounds in it? Pay X. Over 20 lbs? Wow you pay less then $1.00/lbs!

With a load that would have racked up $50 or more at a regular thrift store, we walked out having spent less that $25.

I know this is going to sound really crazy, but next time my sister comes to visit, I am definitely taking her to The Bins!