Getting Stale? Or Breaking Out and Saying What I Want to Say?

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I was just perusing over my blog and noticed the site’s sub-title: A lifestyle outside of the ordinary, full of adventure and random weird stuff. 

Right now life does not feel like it is full of adventure and certainly not full of anything weird or random. Day to-day life usually consists of tending and playing with Marin, encouraging her to explore and try new things, puttering in the garden, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, walking the dog and occasionally working out using Mark Lauren’s self resistance exercises. See? There’s nothing exciting in any of that!

Then I think about the writer’s rule to always write what you know about. But who the heck would want to read anything about what I know? Mothers already know how to change diapers. Some of them even use cloth diapers like myself and are probably more consistent with it! I know for a fact that other bloggers have more experience with gardening than I do. Others have tips for handling dogs and keeping the tank clean for the two little NOT goldfish things that so often get forgotten (which by the way, need to have their tank cleaned again by someone).

So… what is there left for me to contribute to the world wide web? We pretty much have all aspects of my current life covered by the pros or at least by better writers than me.

How many Canadians though are in the process of immigrating to the United States, living with her family in the basement of a brother-in-law, surviving life in a very American house which is completely different from the lifestyle in which she grew up in, wants to raise her own children in and wants to live in currently. How many women are out trying to start their family on a different path but at the same time feel that they must bow to the will of their benefactors?

I’m tired of trying to play it safe, typing only what I think others will want to read. I may be socially wrong in my beliefs, but they are mine and this is my site. Maybe in writing my own way I will convey the random, weird and adventurous side of me.

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