Core Workout

With trying to keep on track with working out, I focused on my core today while Marin was asleep on the couch where I could keep an easy eye on her.

I had just started getting some burn when she woke up and I had to try incorporating her into the workout. Every tried doing Russian Twists while nursing a baby? It’s certainly not the easiest thing in the world, but then again, Russian Twists are not the easiest themselves!

My favorite was doing hip raises with her sitting on the floor beside me. She would watch as I did a set on one side, then just as she was starting to get bored I would switch to the other side and do another set.

For trying to workout, Marin is an easy baby to have around as she takes interest in what I am doing as long as she is close enough to me. Trying to keep my workout interesting enough for her while challenging enough for me physically is a little harder!


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