The Willamette Flew in the Other Night!

Seth’s brother William is here! Arrived two nights ago and I just didn’t get around to writing about it yesterday.

When he left here last year, his BMW bike stayed with Andrew. Seth had used it a number of times to commute to and from work, but now Will is back and gearing up to ride it down to San Diego once a sunny day appears. It got all tuned up and tweaked last week, so is ready to go once he is.

William packingEvery bit of gear is spread out on the livingroom floor, being hemmed and hawed over. What to take, what to leave behind, what to ship down in a big bicycle box?

Does he need a hatchet and 2 lbs of dry cereal? What about his tent? Will it keep him dry despite the flaky seams? I said the rain will leak through the seams and drip down on him, but he will wait until Seth gets home from work to ask his educated, experienced opinion before deciding whether or not the tent will keep him dry. Silly Williamette!