A Visitor From Mexico

Marin and Grandpa JA long sunny day is always a nice thing. A sunny day spent with your dad and your daughter is even nicer.

My Dad had to fly up to Canada from Mexico, so he made a trip out of it and caught the train down here to Portland for a visit with Seth, Marin and I.

We had a wonderful morning walk out for breakfast and to get lunch stuff which we then drove out to consume along with Seth when he got his lunch break at work. It worked with dual purpose as it showed my dad where his one and only son-in-law now works.

Getting back into our local neighbourhood, we found a little farmer’s market at a co-op that I had been wanting to check out, so of course we had to stop and explore what they had, as that’s the kind of thing my dad and I like doing. Exploring healthy options. There was a nice variety of items being sold, including wild mushrooms, veggies, herbs, soaps and a little tent that was selling tamales, which I have kept reading about on my mother’s blog, as tamales seem to be their weekly treat down in Mexico. Dad was pretty excited about finding the tamales and treated me to one. Gosh it was good! And since it is wheat free, I am now wanting to try making my own.

This afternoon’s temperature topped out somewhere in the 80’s, which explains the slight headache I’ve gotten, but the warmth made for nice walking and Dad finally switched his jeans in for a pair of shorts. I guess our beautiful weather isn’t quite as nice and warm as he has been used to for the last couple months!

A breeze has started to pick up this evening and cooled off the day a bit. Perfect for evening strolls and lounging on the porch which we are all doing, as you can see from the photo at the top.