A Dimwit And You Know It

Are you a smart person? Reasonable? intelligent?

What if you thought you were, but due to living with truly intelligent people it becomes more and more apparently clear that you are one of the dull tools in the shed that have never been sharpened and are only used for menial, simple tasks?

What if important things need to be done, but you and everyone else involved knows that you don’t have the mental sharpness to get any part of it done reliably?

What do you do?

What do you do when the hard realization of the true lacking nature of your mind comes out and there is nothing to be said? You are asked why you can’t think of things, and right then and there you can’t even come up with a reasonable answer to the WHY!

Have you always known that quick responses were not one of your gifts? Do you bite your tongue when someone disagrees with you? Letting them go on and say their full and long drawn out piece without interruption, and still not have anything intelligent to say to defend yourself when they are done?

You feel like a burden. You know you are. It doesn’t help that you don’t have any useful skills for any of the areas that could do with help. Nothing you do is worthwhile.

I’m a mom. I am a good mom because my little girl is always happy and smiling. She is healthy, clean and growing fast.

I can keep a house tidy and have hot meals ready for the end of the day.

I work in the garden and take the dog for long walks.

Those are things I am happy doing and decently good at.

I virtually can not foresee potential problems. That right there is my biggest problem. I just don’t see them! When a problem arises, I can’t even come up with solutions at a decent pace.

When figuring out solutions is the demand for the day and remembering details (another thing of which I am terrible at) is leaving me baffled, it becomes very apparent quite quickly just how incompetent I am.

So there we have it out in the open. I’m a dimwit and I’m stuck like that.

6 thoughts on “A Dimwit And You Know It

  1. Hey Chelle

    Every persons smarts come in different packages. We are sometimes considered feet that are covered up, or forgotten about but still very important. Were would they be without us. Love ya sweetie!

    1. Thanks Aunti Liiiiiisaaaaa. It is a good reminder that everyone needs feet, but sometimes even the brilliant brains forget that they need feet to carry them too.
      This is a different world down here!

  2. Hey Chelle, here is something interesting. I am very intelligent! Ha – no laughing! I have a high IQ, can think on my feet, and can solve complicated algebraic problems in a snap! I have some in my life who are super intelligent: several Phd’s, awards and accolades, and yet…on their 4th messed up marriage, and with some super messed up kids. But wisdom and knowledge don’t always go together…! You know what I wish for my own children? Lots of Chelle gifts and abilities. The gift of making others feel truly special and loved, the ability to make children laugh, the talent of taking any mundane thing and making it a beautiful adventure! None of us will ever be the best of all of us. We are each so unique. But the gifts and abilities that you possess are rare ones; beautiful, precious….and so, so needed in our world. Dont ever let anyone convince you that who you are is not good enough. You are amazing. You outshine many a Phd I’ve had the misfortune of being trapped at a Christmas dinner with. Now get over here so I can pinch you! ❤

  3. You make everything sound perfect!
    One marriage is all I want, with the wonderful husband I have.
    You honour me to say that what gifts I have are ones you wish for your own children. They can’t get much better than they are right now though! You have wonderful kids. You and Lauren are raising them well.
    When life’s demands at hand are for gifts that I do not have, it is easy to think that you are not good enough. Sure I shine in other more common areas, but when I am expected to shine in uncommon ones, my star shaped self just does not fit in the box! There’s pieces sticking out in all sorts of crazy directions and most of it is NOT inside the diameter of the little box!
    Hey, I like that little star/box analogy! Kay, I’m good. Thanks Denise, as always! You and Lisa are life savers as always! YOU HEAR THAT AUNTI LISA?!!!!

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