Raindrops And Roses

Marin Pettal tasting a rose petal.
Marin Pettal tasting a rose petal.

An overnight shower brought cool fresh morning air, perfect for taking a slow stroll through and checking out the neighbour’s flowers.

Dewdrops on petals, mini showers in trees.

New tastes and smells for my little and me.

Okay okay, so I’m not a poet! But it was a very poetic morning in a refreshing and fun sort of way.

Seth has taken the carseat out of the Bob stroller and attached a bicycle handle bar to the frame, from which comes the Yepp baby seat for Marin to sit on. She has a much better view as she is now up higher, and can twist and turn to look at whatever jolly-well catches her fancy, which is usually dogs or bright coloured flowers.

Handful of petals