We Forgot Our Anniversary?

A funny thing happened last night, where I got an email from my mom in which she apologized for not having said “Happy Anniversary” the previous day.

I went; “What”?

A look at the calendar revealed that (heaven forbid) I had forgotten my very own first wedding anniversary! I kinda chuckled at that.

Later that night after putting Marinny-roo to bed, as Seth and I were lounging together on the couch, I sidled up to him and asked, “Do you know what happened yesterday?”

“No,” he responded, with a quizzical confused look on his face. “What happened yesterday?”

“We forgot our first anniversary!”

His frown deepened and he tilted his head a little. “Was that yesterday? I knew it was coming up, but I didn’t think it was so close!”

We just looked at each other for a minute, processing the fact that both of us indeed truly had forgotten the uniqueness of the previous day compared to all the other days on the calendar.

“At least we went out for drinks on our anniversary, even if we didn’t know it!” Seth happily volunteered.

“No, that was the night before. Yesterday we rode our bikes down to the rhododendron garden, remember? Drinks was the night before, when Calvin took Marin for that long walk.” I pointed out.

“Oh right. Well, I still had a fun with you yesterday.” He said as he kissed my forehead.

Maybe we don’t have our days straight and figured out. Maybe we don’t always remember to make one particular day more special than the others, but we have fun and enjoy each other’s company each and every day, loving and being loved. Neither of us minded having the other person forget our anniversary, but rather each found it quite funny.

It has been a good year of marriage, full of adventure. Thank you Sether!

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One thought on “We Forgot Our Anniversary?

  1. Too funny!! Ok, so I wasn’t the only one to forget. Actually, I had planned to phone but that required bothering other people so I let it slip. Others might remember the date on the calendar and yet not be happy to be married to their partner. So your better off forgetting the date and enjoying the company.


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