Crazy And We Love It

Last night I had another one of those “my family is awesome” moments. 

Marin and I had cycled across the river to meet Seth as he got out of work and then we were going to check out the concert by the Weezers that Microsoft was putting on. 

The trip started with a delay by the princess, so Marin and I were a little tight pressed for time to stick to our prearranged schedule with Seth. That meant that I couldn’t take my time riding downtown, I had to push it. Do you know what it’s like to ride a slow, loaded three wheel cargo bike from 39th to Pioneer Square in 30 minutes? Your legs get a wicked burn just going up little inclines like the ramp from the esplanade up to Hawthorn bridge, and did you ever notice that most of the bridge itself is an uphill ride? 

I forget which road we turned up from the river side (maybe Taylor?), but the first light you hit is always a red. Once you get the green on that though, if you can keep your speed up it is a straight shot with constant green all the way up the hill to the square. I love that shot. It is a small adrenaline rush for me, surrounded by traffic, pushing the muscles hard to stay with the flow and not miss a light.

Breathing gets fast and heavy, calves yell with the effort and that’s when Seth called on my cell! Fortunately I keep my phone in a little pocket on the bike just below te handlebars, so I could access it without breaking rhythm. 

“Hey, I’m out of work.” Seth told me.

“Great! Sorry I’m late, but I’m almost there. On 5th and coming your way.” 

I think it was easy for him to figure out from my heavy breathing that the conversation had to end right about there, as I was too busy to focus on chatting about anything else, so he said bye and went out to the street corner to wait for me.

Huffing, puffing, smiling big and giggling, I found my man and we took some time to let me catch my breath before grabbing a bite to eat at Freshii and exploring around the concert area for a while then we both at the same time called it quits and said we were uninterested in the music they were playing. 

Somehow we almost always seem to be on the same page with stuff. We like similar styles of food, with each of us coming down to the same two dishes we want to try at restaurants, so we just get both and share them! Or like last night, we were both curious about the concert, but both lost interest at the same time. Then on the ride home we stopped to admire some live-aboard sailboats and we both liked the same one. Sometimes I think we must be a crazy couple, but then, it’s probably better to be crazy and love it, then sane and hate it!

2 thoughts on “Crazy And We Love It

  1. Hey!

    Sorry I’ve been so behind on getting back to you! I got your message the other day, but saw that it was from another number than the one I had saved to my phone. I actually got my phone replaced later that morning so I called back the original number I had for you and left a message. I’m wondering if maybe that message didn’t get to you…..did you change cell numbers?

    Anywho, how are you!!!???? We really must get together! I’m actually going to be leaving Columbia soon (put in my 2 weeks this weekend) for another full time job I found. I will be working at the store the next few weeks, which means somewhat odd hours and a lot of closing shifts. But, after that, my new job will be at the US Bank branch that is just across the Ross Island (Sellwood) bridge on Milwaukie and Powell, meaning I will have weekends free! What will you be up to in these coming weeks?So, how are you, Seth, the adorable little sunshine ray that is otherwise known as Marin? It has been much too long since I have seen you…..

    1. It certainly has been too long since we saw each other!
      Shortly after we tried to get together, I flew down to Colorado to camp and visit with my family for 6 weeks. Right now we are one week in. 5 weeks left. Getting back beginning of August. We should get together then!

      Hey, if you’re on my side of the river, maybe we can meet up with you for lunch some time or bring you a treat or something? Details later.

      The number I called you from was the house landline. I still have my old cell number.

      See you in a month or two!

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