Cooling Off In The Dolores River

Some days it gets so stinkin’ hot and there’s so much dust floating around in the air, that we feel all grimy, dirty,  hot and stinky. We can then either go into town and use the showers and the swimming pool at the Rec. Center, or scrub down with a wet cloth at home in the heat, or….. we can go up to the Dolores River and swim for as long as we want, enjoying the heat of the sun from the depths of the cool water. Then when we get out and stand full in the sunshine again, it is welcoming and enjoyable, drying us off and warming us up again.

This is such a classic way to freshen up while out camping, but reminds me most of the summer when our well dried up and we had to walk down to the swimming hole every evening to clean up from our grimy day of playing.

This particular trip to the river was with only my parents and two of my siblings, so there are not pictures of everybody.

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