Un-Schooling Never Ends

I grew up home-schooled and un-schooled, loving the “un” part the most. Spending time down in Colorado with my younger siblings reminds me of my “schooling years” and how learning never ends.

My brother Mitch has always been obsessed with sailboats, building first paper models when he was 3 and 4 years old, then progressing to wooden models as he grew older. Now at 14 almost 15 years old, he is building a 15 1/2 foot sailboat to take out on a reservoir here in Colorado. He also has been helping Dad and Mr Tim build a house and separate  garage. He smiles all day long, loving the work and learning.

Maret and the younger girls are drawing and expanding their sketching skills ever day. They spur each other on, talking about their mystical characters and coming up with new ideas.

Mom keeps expanding her knowledge, researching everything from making kefir to setting up an internet business. Always learning, always sharing.

Dad? Well…. he’s the one in charge of keeping the building projects rolling, as he knows what steps come next, but he still takes time to check out books from the library to expand his knowledge, and finds new places he wants to explore around the Cortez area.

All this creativity is contagious.

Gosh I love my family!

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