Blacksmiths and a Birthday

To celebrate my brother Mitchell’s 15th birthday, we spent the day hanging out and exploring Durango. We didn’t know what to do before we got there, but as we drove through town we saw signs for multiple different shows all in this one little area, so we found a parking stall and people took off to go explore!

Marin was still asleep in her carseat, so she and I stayed in the van a little while after everyone else left, then once she was awake we went in search of the rest of the family. I thought they would have gone first to the big flea market, but I could not find them anywhere there! There was however lots of stuff to look at, so we didn’t rush but rather took our time perusing through the tables and admiring the hand crafted items. One particular table caught my eye, filled with hand forged knives, wall hooks and other assorted metal items. I thought the knives looked familiar, made from railroad spikes. My mom had sent me a link to a website by a fellow they met who lives in a school bus and makes a living out of making and selling hand forged items. Sure enough, the name was the same, so I increased the intensity of the search for my family, to tell them that Joe was here in Durango!

I finally found them up in some bleachers watching a junior horse skills “rodeo”, which they quickly abandoned once I told them that Blacksmith Joe was just at the far end of the parking lot. They all jumped up and excitedly started asking question, eager to see once again their friend Joe.

When Joe saw the family his face lit up with a big smile. Of course he remembered them!

Impromptu plans were made, and we so after the market shut down we met back up with him and he took us out to his bus, so we could have a covered area from the rain in which to share and eat cheesecake for Mitch’s birthday. He even had a candle in a heavy home forged base for Mitch to blow out!

Joe also gave me a little tour of his bus and how he has it set up to take veggie oil, which I found quite interesting because that is the set-up Seth and I would like to have eventually but I’ve never actually seen a veg-fed house-bus first hand before.

I would tell you how amazing the veggie oil system is, but that information is easy to find on the internet and with greater detail, so I won’t. But I got some pretty cool ideas from Joe, as he pointed out some quirks and fun finds that he discovered in the 4 years he has had his bus. Seeing someone actually live in a bus and see how they do it, gives me confidence that Seth, Marin and I will be able to do it as well soon-day.

Soon-day; Alternative to Someday which never becomes Today but rather always stays in the future, Soon-day is capable of transforming into Today and becoming a reality.