Alberta Street Fair

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Every last Thursday surrounding the summer months, NE Alberta Street hosts an open fair or market for artists to show off their stuff. It is free for anyone who has made their own items, so we tried making a few things and took them up there by bicycle. This last month’s art display was painted horseshoe crabs by Seth with a small input from myself, as well as a small display of leather wallets I hand sewed.

We like traveling by bike as much as possible, which is pretty easy here in Portland, and traveling with art is pretty fun and rewarding although it certainly is full of effort. It takes us about 45 minutes of riding to get up to Alberta Street from the Powell area with fully loaded bikes and trailer.

When we got up to the fair, we found Seth’s friend Tom who builds cargo bikes and sells doll head planters at the street fair. Setting up beside him, the two guys had fun bouncing ideas off each other as Seth showed off his creative skills in erecting a rain canopy over his bicycle horseshoe crab display, utilizing tent poles and a large sheet of plastic that let light through from the street lamp just above us.

A bout of bike jousting broke out right in front of us in the middle of the street and belly dancers flirted their hips in bright colours with bells and jangles to the tunes of live gypsy music. Food carts spot the street corners, filling the night air with fragrant smells. Music beats out over the smells, teasing the ears like the smells tease the nose.

Exciting night for yet another family adventure!