What’s With The Rodents?

If you look back in the history of this blog, you will see that last winter we had a little problem of mice living in the basement with us. So far we have not had any more mice visits, but last night we had a different kind of visitor.

A squirrel!

We probably were asking for it, seeing as we leave the garage door up about 6 inches for better airflow, and we do live in a city that is full of squirrels, so it actually is more of a surprise that we haven’t had one of them visiting us sooner!

Seth woke up to the squirrel run over his shoulder and face, then leap up onto our headboard, run the length and down under the crib which we have set up as a co-sleeper. He didn’t know what it was, as he was in a very groggy “just woke up” state. But when the squirrel ran out into the beam of his red light as he took a leak, he said he barely kept from squealing with surprise.

When I woke up an hour later to nurse Marin, he told me casually that there was a squirrel in the basement. I didn’t believe him. It took him telling me the details of how he knew it was a bushy-tailed rodent before I came to terms with the craziness of it.

We left the garage door open for the rest of the night and in the morning there was no sign of our late night visitor. Presumably he found his way back outside to his own domain.


2 thoughts on “What’s With The Rodents?

  1. Haha! I think you should take care of him like you did your friend at the beach cottage! And you need to blog that story 🙂

    1. By the time I woke up and Seth told me about it, he seemed to have let himself out. Besides, I don’t know where the ammo is kept.
      Thanks for the reminder to write a post about my beach cottage friend. That should be a good one!

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