Overdue Updates

I know how frustrating it can be to read someone’s blog, or follow it, looking forward to their next post, only to find that they stop posting for an indefinite amount of time. I figured I would never be that type of blog poster. But…. it has been almost a year since I last wrote. Terribly sorry!

So….. lets see…..

We became pregnant with our second child beginning of February, 2014.

I started working the register at a hardware store very end of March.

A month later we became the first renters for my brother-in-law, moving into his rental house at the end of April. I didn’t hook up the internet until September, finding that we could do all our necessary internet work while on lunch break or in a few minutes down at a coffee shop. “OMG!” you say. How could we live with less than an hour of internet a day for 5 months? Quite happily actually. We got lots of reading done, conversing, and nice quiet wind-down evenings. It was wonderful!

So, for 5 months we enjoyed sunshine, gardening, playing with Marin, going on bike adventures around town and trying not to die in the intense summer heat. As my belly got bigger, that last one became more of a focus!

Sometime at the beginning of the summer (I don’t remember exactly when) Seth switched from working for corporate Columbia Sportswear, to wild west Next Adventure. It was a wonderful move for him, relieving a lot of stress, fitting his personality a little better.  It also is on the same side of the river and only a 10 minute bike ride away!

October I quit working at the hardware store, staying home with our little 2 year old and enjoying the last month of pregnancy. I also went out for coffee and walks a lot with my Mother (who was staying with us to help out with Marin during my labour), as well as one of my brothers and one of my sisters.

On October 29th our second daughter was born. No complications. Midwives barely arrived in time, as my labour was barely 1 1/2 hours long.  Her name is Elita.

At first Marin was like most other 2 year olds who have a new sibling arrive. Indifferent or slightly hostile. But now she seems to find that having a baby around can be quite fun. Elita smiles and giggles when Marin plays with her, and gets her toys. Marin even enjoys having baths with the baby and snuggling together in bed.

Sleeping GirlsThat’s about it for the updates!

Oh, besides the fact that our wonderful room-mate that we all love and Marin especially adores, will be leaving us shortly to hike the Camino so we will now be looking for a new person to live with us. Grr…. if only we could find another person exactly like the wonderful woman with us right now!

4 thoughts on “Overdue Updates

  1. You can post irregularly regularly 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll all miss Sara so much, but that means maybe there’s another wonderful person about to walk into your family life!!

    1. Thanks! I figure irregular certainly is better than never, and hadn’t thought of the fact that it can in fact become regular in it’s own way.
      Sara is amazing and wonderful and I keep saying we just need to find someone exactly like her, but I know we won’t and I don’t really want that. We will find someone hopefully just as amazing, but completely different. And besides, now we have someone who is willing to come visit us no matter where we might be, because she knows she will always have a place to land with us.

      Thanks for commenting Mom!

      1. Great attitude….don’t replace Sara. You’ll get a completely different and yet just as fantastic as her to be a part of your family & home 🙂

  2. Hey Chelle

    Finally getting around to posting. Your newest addition is lovely. So happy for you and Seth!
    Here is one person who so gets taking a while to get to the computer. I really was born in the wrong generation and could adjust to no internet for a bit.
    Love those babies up and a big hug and kiss to you!!!
    Auuuuntie you know who!

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