Summer Begins

In the three springs that I have spent here in Portland, OR, I have yet to experience a typical progression of weather from winter to summer. It seems that winter is sporadically blessed with summer type days and even weeks, while spring drags out with cold snaps and grey days. Does Portland ever have an even progression of miserable to nice weather in the spring?

But hey, what am I complaining about?! I’m sitting on a sheepskin covered park bench on my back porch, in shorts and t-shirt, enjoying the warmth even in the shade. Life really isn’t that bad, even if the weather is unpredictable! And Marin can’t complain, cause I take her to the park no matter what the weather is like (unless it is exceptionally miserable).

Yesterday was quite nice, and I walked the girls down to the Lippman Party Store on 2nd and Yamhill. We found a nice little face painting set for Marin, which she was super excited about. Then we stopped at Next Adventure for Seth’s lunch break, enjoying the warm day together for a half hour before he headed back inside and the we started back up the hill to home.

Back at the house, Marin dug (literally) into the paints with a great amount of gusto! I wanted to take a picture of her when she was finished, but every moment of delay in cleaning her up meant a compounded amount of time to be spent cleaning the house from all the paint tracks and trails. She had colour in her hair, down to her toes, and every surface of skin in between. Her hands had layers of paint caked on so thick it was literally pealing off. She looked like a body paint monster of the cutest order.

Sorry there are no pictures of the paint monster, but I hope you will enjoy these other photos!

4947 Tounges 5045 Elita's Bicycle Oppinion 5049 Family Repair IMG_5255 IMG_5300

2 thoughts on “Summer Begins

  1. I claim those as Johnson tongues!!

    Lovely pics, and Elita is growing so big already!! Miss you all. Love the pic of Marin and her daddy. Such a happy little girl.

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