30 Day Count Down

It has been 335 days since I took a ride in a personal motorized vehicle.


Yes, it’s true, and in another 30 days I will have hit the one year mark.

I’m sure there are a lot of other people out there who have gone for just as long or longer still, and I would love to hear their stories!

Here’s how my year has gone so far…..

December 13th, 2015; Four months pregnant, ran a couple errands with my dad’s truck before he headed north to Canada.

The rest of the winter was spent walking with the girls in the stroller, or riding my bike with them. Once spring hit, we did a lot more cycling, going farther and spending more time outside around the neighbourhood. We started clowning around a lot too, becoming a regular at one of Olive and Dingo’s weekly Story Times.

Off to get a whack of balloons.
Off to get a whack of balloons.

My dad flew through a couple times, but he has started taking transit from the airport. When my mom and little sister came up for end of my pregnancy to help out, us girls took the bus and train out to meet them. See? No cars needed.

Trista’s birth went perfectly well, and three weeks later we were back on the bike for short rides. Our first one was Peddalpalooza’s Monster Ride, which just happened to start three blocks from our house.

Through the summer I did have a hard time trying to get the girls out to have fun, but not overly exert myself, which is kind of hard to do when hauling 200 lbs of bike, kids and gear. But we did it!

Last month Seth took the Blondies (Marin and Elita) out to Maine to visit his relatives. During that time, I had multiple vehicle offers, both to borrow a spare, and hitch rides to far off places. But with only two months left to hit my one year goal, I painfully had to decline. Oh the places I could have gone with a vehicle in those two weeks!

Now there is only one month left.

For the most part these last 11 months have been easy. I started from a lifestyle that made it so. We do not own a vehicle, so there is never one easily at my disposal. For most people, a year car free would be a huge challenge. For some it would be logistically impossible. For me, I was already four months in before I decided to stretch it to a year. I guess with that said, it really isn’t that much of an accomplishment. Oh well, I’m still glad to be able to say I did it!

Now the question is, how shall I end the year? Shall it be with a car ride? Or just throw myself a little party and see how much longer life takes me without a vehicle?

Ideas? Suggestions? Comments? Anybody in a peanut gallery?

5 thoughts on “30 Day Count Down

  1. Chelle, let me start by saying that I am in awe of what you’ve done so far. Wow! What should you do? Whatever your heart desires. I’ve been thinking about going without a car, but after living in MA for over a year I’ve seen and realized the motorists are not careful at all with those on bikes or mopeds so that has deterred me from not using my car. But, I am going to get a bike soon, and little by little I will venture to different areas. If I do, I will try and document it. The best to you and your family:-)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Dealing with motorists who don’t care about anything else on the road besides themselves can be a huge challenge. It takes a lot of guts and confidence (or bull-headedness) to own your own piece of public road. Don’t let it stop you though! As you said, venture to different areas, and ride safely. Anything is better than nothing, and the more bikes we get out on the road, the more motorists will have to acknowledge us. Do it girl!!!!

      1. Lol. You are so funny and enthusiastic. Yes, I will. I went to a bike shop in Brockton to check out some bikes but I didn’t like any of them, so I’ll see if I can go this weekend to continue with my search. Thanks a million for your encouraging words and take care.

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