Hard Insurance Lesson with a Bus

Have you ever wanted to convert a school bus into an RV? Maybe live in it? making it a tiny home? Or maybe you just want to have a really super cool adventure vehicle?

We want that. All of the above.

Of course, there are some limits for each person’s (family’s) situation. It wouldn’t be very feasible for our family to live in one right now, as we do not have a nomadic income to support ourselves with… yet. So right now, we would settle on a bus being a frickin’ awesome adventure vehicle for exploring Oregon and the surrounding area!

So that’s what we did. We bought a bus with the intent of turning it into an adventure-mobile.



We bought a bus that was one size too big. Commercial size. No problem, right? Just pull all the seats out and get it registered as an RV, then get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Um…. yes….. except for two little details that pertain to us here in Oregon.

1) Oregon does not allow changing the registration of a vehicle to RV unless the conversion was done by a professional shop. We don’t have the money to go that route. Heck, who DOES?!!!!

2) We have never owned any type of vehicle in Oregon before. Insurance became an issue of sleepless nights proportion. Coverage for a heavy vehicle would be expensive for anybody, but no-one was willing to cover us without already having vehicle history in Oregon.

Wow. For some reason we did not see that coming, and we messed up big time! Openly admit it. Our bad.

Now what?!!! It would make a really big chicken coop. Or an awesome barn for some goats. But it’s in amazing tip-top condition! Too nice to put animals in!

So what did we do? We sold it.

Whew! What a relief! Glad to have that great big thing out of our driveway!

It was a pretty awesome thing to own though, even for such a short time and without being able to DO anything with it. We thought neighbors might not like it, but seems people came scrambling out of the woodwork to talk to us about it in a positive way! Even people we had never met before, stopped to smile and ask questions.

Now…. lets go find a smaller bus, and one that is already registered as an RV!

Go Team Crazy! Go!

Side note; We have discovered there are some states that will allow RV status to be granted to a vehicle with the intent to convert. PLEASE check the regulations in your state or province before purchasing a skoolie project!

5 thoughts on “Hard Insurance Lesson with a Bus

  1. So, your neighbours won’t complain when we pull our 40+ ft skoolie into your driveway?

    1. No, I don’t think they will complain. We’ll just have to make sure our bikes are out of the garage and parked inside, or they will be stuck behind the bus!
      How are the renovations going? When are you coming down?

      1. Reno’s going well. Everybody has a proper bed (well, short one foam mattress. Using air mattress for now). We’re comfortable. You know how it goes…when you have the time you don’t always have the money 🙂

        Don’t know when we’ll be down. Staying on the island at least until after Twyla’s wedding. In Canada probably until late autumn…just a guess.

      2. Sound like the normal reno system.

        So…. we won’t see you guys in Portland until the weather starts turning cold and you head south to Mexico?!!!! Sounds good, and we’ll be ready!

      3. That’s the most likely scenario, Chelle. Maybe just USA this year? Possibly Baja? Not sure. You know how we roll!!

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