Elita’s Big Birthday Surprise!

Today is NOT Elita’s birthday. Neither was yesterday, but it was her little sister Trista’s very first birthday. Nothing special happened as far as presents or parties. In fact, it was about as low key as you could get! No party to speak of.  Sorry Trista!

Then all of a sudden, every attention that should have been put on Trista (it being her birthday and all) got switched over hard core to Elita.

The girls were playing outside on the monkey bar dome, having fun, doing their thing. Elita was perched on the first level, about three feet up, when she slipped and fell backward, landing upside down, with her right arm underneath and behind her. She cried a bit, but did not display any sign of unusual pain. She even went down for a nap shortly after!

Come dinner time though, she refused to use her hand to eat, keeping it close to her body. That’s when we figured it needed a closer look. It was really hard to see anything, as she is a healthy robust toddler with a nice amount of padding. But upon prodding the bones, we could feel a small discrepancy between the two arms.

Seth’s brother was a wonderful assistant, coming over right away to scoop up the other girls and take them out for dinner with his own kids, while leaving his extra vehicle for us to get to the hospital.

The registration personnel didn’t look too concerned as Elita smiled at them, and stuck her tongue out to demonstrate how she could curl it (it’s her favorite way to flirt right now). The nurse doing the initial check even got her to play patty-cake with both hands! It was a great relief to see that, and to everything must be fine. But protocol went on, and her arm was x-rayed:

Elita X-Ray

Both bones in the forearm compressed and green fractured just about the wrist.

She got a splint put on, and the fellow doing it said she was one of the three most relaxed, resilient children with broken bones that he had ever seen! She smiled and giggled throughout the whole hospital episode (when she wasn’t crying from having her arm touched and prodded).

To say I am a very proud parent is an understatement! She is one tough little cookie!

Elita Cast
She doesn’t like having her picture taken!

Nothing like having the focus of your very first birthday put onto your big sister! Next year I will have to make sure Trista gets a proper birthday celebration.

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