Radical Change

Around the first week of January, we declared that 2018 would be a great year, filled with growth, adventure and change. So far we nailed it on the head and we’re only four months in!

Growth, Adventure and Change are not always pleasant things to experience though. Sometimes it hurts…. a LOT. But without change, there can be no development, improvement, or move forward.

There are several things that have happened, or are going to happen this year.

1. We bought a van that, with no service records, we found out only after purchasing it and taking it to get full diagnostics, that it has several under-rated items for its size, along with a few other problems. This is our next adventure. Leave the front seats in, convert the back to camp in this summer, and potentially live in next year.

2. Right after Christmas I started working out, using the protocol from the back of Mark Lauren’s book “You Are Your Own Gym”. Completed the beginner course, and am part way through the second course. Goal: Work through all 4 programs and do 3 straight hand-stand push-up by Dec 31, 2018.   (Funny tid-bit, during the first week of hard exercise I stunk to high heaven. One day Seth was in the kitchen and could smell me from down the short hall. Kept working out though, and flushed out that build-up of toxins. Three months later I feel, and even smell better than I did before starting!)

3. I went to an energy healing workshop (not my normal thing) incorporating the use of essential oils. By the end of the next day, I had forgiven a loved one for something I had struggled 6 years to forgive and embrace.  Since that day, I have continued to use my oils for emotional/spiritual healing, and have had some sharp painful issues come to the surface, which demanded addressing and healing. There are more to heal, and I look forward with mixed emotions to meeting them, but mostly excitement, as I know we all become stronger people when we face our challenges head on.

4. Immigration (big sigh). As of today, I have the final paperwork ready to send off for naturalization. That means we have worked our way through the years long protocol of getting my dual citizenship. We are ALMOST an All American Family. Just need to have Seth go through the package and make sure I crossed all my “t”s and filled everything in correctly, then take it to the post office, wait (while studying for the civics test)……. get a confirmation they accepted the application……wait…… wait even more (while still studying)…… get biometrics done…….. wait……… go to interview…….. swear in there, or wait again for a swearing-in ceremony……. receive naturalization papers, and DONE! After all that is finished, I’m going to throw a party!!!

5. Get a job for myself.

6. Set up an Amazon store.

7. Create product for my own online store.

8. End of the year move. Different house in Portland? Different state? Will we have enough online income to live in our van and explore the continent?

Big decisions. Big projects. Radical change.

Without change we have no growth. Without growth we become stagnant. With stagnation we become lethargic, depressed and never make the world a more beautiful place. Change can sometimes hurt, but we want the world to know we were here! We want to leave a positive impact on the people around us, and raise the energy of our community! It won’t always be easy or comfortable, but this is what we want.


What is your radical change?


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