When Seth and I (Rauchelle) met on the Appalachian Trail, I never would have dreamed we would be where we are now. Three beautiful daughters later, we live small adventures every day and are taking steps to live our dreams of travelling and educating our girls in the world.

From living six years car free in Portland, Oregon, to traveling in a converted short school bus, we are doing what we can, how we can, and daily grateful for the support we receive from friends, family and strangers.


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Tom! Thanks for stopping by! Seth is trying to keep himself busy with work at Columbia while Marin grows like a weed. Two bottom teeth in and now working on her top teeth. Things have been going well.
      How have you been doing? Keeping busy I assume? What bike number are you working on now?

      1. Glad to hear all is well. I guess you’ve settled here, that’s fantastic!
        Currently I’m working on #74 thru #79 with #80,#81 and #82 on order!
        Please keep in touch.

      2. Wonderful! Getting so busy you’ve got back orders, eh? That’s good.
        We settled here for the time. It is a wonderful city to live in. So far enjoying it and it has not made any complaints about us, so that is good.

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