Author of this site, I think that Seth would do a much better job at making our little adventures sound interesting, but I enjoy writing about my family’s small adventures, so have undertaken the challenge to write about them as often as possible so that family and friends throughout North America can stay up to date on what’s happening. Besides, it’s fun trying to improve my writing skills.

Most of my time these days is spent one-on-one with our daughters Marin, Elita and Trista, but during my time away from them I enjoy writing, reading,  drawing and crochet, as well as random art stuff and gardening.

My new hobby is gardening. I have never put real effort into plants before, but now with no forests to get mesmerized in every day, digging into the dirt of the garden is the closest thing to peace I have found here in the city. If any produce comes of it later, then it is the garden and not the gardener that made it happen!

An even newer hobby is face-painting! Sometimes on Seth’s weekends we all go down to the water front where he looks after the girls as they play in the fountains, while I set up shop and paint faces!! Always amazed at what children request.

4 thoughts on “Rauchelle

  1. HI Rauchelle,
    I am a old friend of Seth’s that lives here in Portland. We are leaving town for the next 6-months, but we would love to meet you and catch up with your family before we go. Maybe y’all can come to our going away party 4.13.13? We live about a mile or so from you…
    Also, we have a blog too! http://www.adventureweavers.com

    1. Hi Marijke!
      Sounds like Seth is making plans with you guys for Sat night. Thank you for the invitation. I look forward to meeting you and Scott.
      Looks like you have a nice long adventure ahead of you this summer! I will admit that I am a little jealous.
      See you soon…

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