Bike Style

I know a page about “bike style” probably doesn’t sound like a fun read. Who cares what kind of “bike” we use or why we use it?!!!!

Well…. a lot of strangers stop us to ask questions about our bikes on a regular basis, so I can only assume that you might have a few little questions yourself. If you don’t see your question in the list, please leave it in the comments section and I will add it in/answer it ASAP.

Here goes!….

“Why don’t you own a car?”

We don’t like cars. We have chosen a lifestyle that does not require one at this time. Besides, life is easier/more-stress-free for us without the  expense of a vehicle.

“How do you transport yourselves plus two kids without a car?”

By walking with a double stroller for short distances, or riding cargo bikes if we have further to go.

“How do you get groceries?”

We live pretty close to a grocery store, so I usually walk there a couple times a week with the girls, and load all our staples into the cargo area under the stroller, or if we want to pick up some big items from further away, out come the cargo bikes!

“What do you do when you need to pick up something really big?”

Big items like a 25lb bag of rice get strapped onto the cargo area of my long tail cargo bike, or I get Seth to pick it up with his front loading bike. Seth also built a long single wheel trailer specifically for hauling 12 foot lengths of metal and other building materials.

If it’s something bigger, like a bed, we know lots of people with a truck or van! Or we choose to not get that ridiculously large item. We already have enough “stuff”!

“What if you have an emergency? How do you deal with that without a vehicle?”

If it is a real true emergency (which we have been fortunate to avoid) then we will do the responsible thing and call an ambulance.

“Do your kids enjoy bikes?”

Yes.  Our girls are “usually” happy being on a bike or in a trailer. Sometimes they even ask to be taken for a ride.

“What do you do when it rains?”

We put rain gear on! Our trailer is water proof, and we have head-to-toe rain gear for Marin and Elita.

“How many bicycles do you guys own?”

Too many! I still have my normal bike from before children, as well as a long-tail for kids and groceries. Seth has two tall bikes for commuting, and a bakfiet cargo bike for moving kids and other stuff.

We also have a cargo trike, bakfiet style Fat Tire cargo bike, 2 random normal bikes, and an adult scoot bike.

Total: 10 bikes

That’s not counting the trikes, balance bikes and scooters for the girls. They count up to another half dozen wheeled contraptions.