A Project for the New Year

You know how some people set New Year’s Resolutions? In fact, most people in Canada and the States do. Well, seeing as I made a point years ago to never set a resolution for the start of a new year, I’ve been working on something since mid December and hopefully will get it up and running by the end of the next little bit. See… it’s not because of a calendar date!

My little thing I want to get up and going, is an Etsy store. I’m sure that most of you have heard of Etsy before. Handcrafted items mailed to you in a lovingly wrapped package, etc.

I do have one little problem though. While most people seem to have set up stores because they make too much of one thing for the fun of it and no longer have room in their house, and have to sell their items in order to make room to make more things, I’ve got a little different problem. I like making too many things, and don’t make the time for any one thing! So what to set the store up with?

Years ago I used to draw with charcoal. They were on regular sized art paper, but took ridiculously long to finish because of all the detail that I would try to put into it. Right now I just don’t have any place to leave something like that set up, away from careless fingers.

Currently I’ve been having fun making wool leggings with skirts for Marin, small kites out of tissue paper and bigger ones from recycled wind surfer sails, as well as some other random crafty stuff. It would be great fun if the kites were to be big sellers, but who is to say that any of them will sell at all? Set up with something special in mind? or put out a bunch of different items and see what sells?

Grrr! and then there is the issue of taking wonderful pictures of said items. I’m not a photographer! Worse yet, I don’t know how to properly tweak photos on the computer to make them look better.

Well, I guess instead of a New Year Resolution to stop doing something, start doing something else or change something I don’t like, this New Year project will be to create a working shop with real income (no matter how small it starts).

Cheers everyone! Here’s to being creative in 2014!

The Issues Around Driving and Licenses

You go to take a step in one direction, but get told you can’t until you take steps in another one.

When I got my permanent residency, the lady who aproved me for it told me that I could now go get a state driver’s license. So earlier this week I went to the DMV to get a license, going prepared with everything I thought I would need, but the fellow at the front desk told me that now with a PR card I was eligible for a Social Security Number and thus could not get a driver’s license without first getting an SSN.

Back at home I searched the net to find out what I needed to do to get my SSN. In my searching, I printed out a form to fill out, and discovered that with the same form I could apply for a number for our daughter! So I filled everything out and the next day little Rinny and I rode Chester (my bicycle) across the river to the Social Security Department, where I first had to go through security twice because I had forgotten about a little knife that I keep in my purse/diaper bag. It was 1/4 inch too long, so I had to take it out to my bike then go in and through security again. On the other side, we found a row of seats with room for Marin to play while we waited. Oh my goodness, that little girl can sure make a racket with just her happy sweet voice! There were squawks and squeals and all sorts of high-pitched noises coming from her as she played with items from the bag.

At the gate/window Marin continued her cheerful one-sided bantering as I tried to hear what the thankfully good-natured fellow on the inside was asking me. He quickly understood the difference that Rinny and I were in, being from Canada, but I think he probably deals with immigrants quite often! Anyways, despite having thought that it was going to take a boringly long time to accomplish, the wait and the cheerful help at the window, coupled with having gone prepared with all possible necessary documents, came to a surprisingly quick culmination. Before I knew it we were walking out the door with receipts and the expectation of receiving our cards in the mail within a week!

Now back to the driver’s license…. well….. we still have to wait until the SSN cards come before I can pursue that any further. In the meantime, after having briefly perused through the driving manual they gave me, I’ve noticed more often than before the crazy drivers out there who through neglect to follow the rules of the road would cause collisions and crashed were it not for the awareness of the drivers around them (who are saving their own necks by yielding their right-of-way to the crazy person).

People out there! Drive safe! Suck up your pride and browse through a manual to brush up on the little things that you don’t even realize you have forgotten! Otherwise, you might end up being the one who gets the rude gesture from me on my bike. I’ll do it!



Well?! Well?! Where is it?!!!

I was cooking dinner when Seth came bouncing up the stairs, having just got back from work. There was no “I’m home”, “Hey honey” or “How was your day?” Just a “Well?!!!”

Come on! Who says that as the first words out of their mouth? “Well?!!”

Well…. okay, my husband does!

Down stairs I had left the envelope that my permanent residency card had just arrived in, and that’s what he was wanting to know about.

“Well? Well? Where is it?!” he kept saying, until like a doufus the light finally came on in my brain.

My wallet was sitting on the end of the counter and just as I recognized what he was asking about and started to reach for it, he excitedly jumped over and snatched it before I could say anything, excitedly rifling through my cards until he found the new one. A big grin was plastered to his face!

The cards are pretty cool. They have everything a regular driver’s license has, plus a fingerprint, high-tech emblems that you can only see at the right angle, and the back pretty much has all the info again but in a crazy form that reminds me of old camera negatives. Pretty dang cool!

Final Step For Immigration

I have such exciting news to share!

Seth and I had our immigration interview and all went well.

Morning came all too early, after a night that was way too late! We made sure everything was set and ready to go before we colapsed into bed, making the morning flow smooth despite the early hour. Marin woke up with us, and we took her over to our neighbours’ house to be looked after while we headed downtown on our bicycles. As most of you know, we do not own a car ourselves, so almost everything is done by bike. We took it steady and easy across the river, keeping a good pace without breaking a sweat. The excercise was wonderful for calming our nerves.

Security went well, with lighthearted guards helping to put us at ease. Then upstairs after checking in, we waited along with close to 30 other people, all there to be interviewed. All sitting stiff and slightly nervous. Rarely breaking a smile. Seth and I carried the jokes of the security guards up with us and continued to stay in good moods, which was met by a cheerful lady equally in a good mood ushering us through a maze of small office rooms to question us.

All in all the interview went very well, with clear comunication, questions and answers. Only when she was explaining the steps for us to take in order to remove the conditions on my card did some confusion enter with numbers and math going a little askew. But we all three were able to laugh at that!

Oh boy! Once we got out of the building, it was all I could do from whooping and hollering with joy in the middle of the city! Three hours later I still couldn’t wipe the smile off my face even though the muscles in my cheeks were sore.

We made it!

We are together as a family, the three of us, without any worry of being split apart. Such a heavy load off our minds now! It is a relief to have this all done with and now we can take joy together as a family without any clouds hovering over us!

Watching carefully as Marin climbs down the front steps all by herself.
Watching carefully as Marin climbs down the front steps all by herself.

Coffee Painting of Gaelyn

I’ve started playing around with coffee as a painting medium. I tried it once in Sooke when my sister got a coffee stain on her white shirt and wanted it turned into something a little more artistic, but now I’m doing it on watercolour paper instead of tank-tops.

A couple pieces have been finished, but this one here is my favorite, taken from a photo that my mom posted on her blog, of my youngest sister Gaelyn.

Gaelyn in coffee


Looking at all the followers on here, I noticed that many of them have quite interesting gravatars. Which of course led me to try yet again to upload a fun picture so that my own gravatar would stop switching between all the wonderful wordpress kalaidascope snapshots. But…… the computer was unwilling to assist me in my endeavour. So much for that attempt at being sophisticated!

I WILL try again though. Those boring old shapes and colours are starting to get boring and shapeless, so something must be uploaded.

Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins! Just you wait! You’ll be sorry, but your tears will be too late!….. for a picture will be put up whether you talk straight and propper or not!

A Dimwit And You Know It

Are you a smart person? Reasonable? intelligent?

What if you thought you were, but due to living with truly intelligent people it becomes more and more apparently clear that you are one of the dull tools in the shed that have never been sharpened and are only used for menial, simple tasks?

What if important things need to be done, but you and everyone else involved knows that you don’t have the mental sharpness to get any part of it done reliably?

What do you do?

What do you do when the hard realization of the true lacking nature of your mind comes out and there is nothing to be said? You are asked why you can’t think of things, and right then and there you can’t even come up with a reasonable answer to the WHY!

Have you always known that quick responses were not one of your gifts? Do you bite your tongue when someone disagrees with you? Letting them go on and say their full and long drawn out piece without interruption, and still not have anything intelligent to say to defend yourself when they are done?

You feel like a burden. You know you are. It doesn’t help that you don’t have any useful skills for any of the areas that could do with help. Nothing you do is worthwhile.

I’m a mom. I am a good mom because my little girl is always happy and smiling. She is healthy, clean and growing fast.

I can keep a house tidy and have hot meals ready for the end of the day.

I work in the garden and take the dog for long walks.

Those are things I am happy doing and decently good at.

I virtually can not foresee potential problems. That right there is my biggest problem. I just don’t see them! When a problem arises, I can’t even come up with solutions at a decent pace.

When figuring out solutions is the demand for the day and remembering details (another thing of which I am terrible at) is leaving me baffled, it becomes very apparent quite quickly just how incompetent I am.

So there we have it out in the open. I’m a dimwit and I’m stuck like that.