Monsters on Etsy

Seth and I like to be creative in some way every day, even if it is just doodling on paper with the girls. Sometimes we get a little more time and dedication to do something bigger.

Seth usually goes out in the garage and builds or modifies bicycles, while I prefer to sit down at the kitchen table and play with fimo clay.

Usually I make air plant holders in the guise of Monsters. Later when I get another chunk of time, I take it outside and set up a little photo shoot, then do some online editing, and then finally post a new listing in my shop on Etsy. Sometimes the whole process can take a couple weeks from start to finish. I know, I could be more diligent, but I kind of save that for when orders come in, getting them made and shipped without delay.

Here’s a couple of the monsters up in the shop;

108_3631 108_3795 img_6061 img_6065

Morning Routine

Mornings look something like this:

Toys galore and a happy girl
Toys galore and a happy girl

One of the first things we do when we get upstairs, is to plop Marin down  in the corner of the couch where she is less likely to cause herself to fall off with her new maneuvering skills. She is happy and content playing there all by her lonesome, surrounded by toys, able to look up and smile at whoever is in the kitchen.

Usually we loiter downstairs until Andrew and the kids have taken off for the day, as the main floor has a somewhat crowded feel with everyone running around trying to get ready to walk out the door. But every once in a while we venture up and have fun watching the morning mayhem. We take up safe positions on the couch with toys, books, computer or whatever else we might have handy to keep us entertained while the chaos continues.

Other times we just go outside and water the gardens, which needs to be done anyway, and it keeps us completely out of the house!



Fairy Gardens For Toveli

My little sister loves making little fairies with houses and gardens wherever the family travels. The latest fairy colony has been in Mexico, but there there was another one of decent size in the USA as well.

My beautiful princess sister is queen of fairies and a mermaid in the ocean. She has an amazing imagination and can come up with pretty dress designs and costumes for her little fairy friends.

For the houses she had help from some of her other sisters and younger brothers. All together they did a fine job.

While on a walk with Seth and my little one, we found two fairy compounds in someone’s yard and of course I had to take pictures of them to share with my little sis.

Here they are:

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Garden Baby

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here for the last couple days. While everyone else is stuck inside doing work or school, Marin and I have been spending the larger part of our days outside in the sunshine. She is getting a nice little farmer’s tan and a healthy dose of fresh greens and dirt suplemented into her diet.

My eddible peas out front are getting a daily pruning from my little girl as her Johnny-Jump-Up is set on the path right in front of the peas. She loves it out there! She can spin and watch wherever I go as I work in the garden, then go back to picking leaves off my peas. I’ve had to tie them back for fear there wouldn’t be anything left if I didn’t.

ImageYesterday she was perfectly clean, but I thought having a nice little bath outside would be nice for her. Baths are supposed to make you clean, right? It did the opposite for her! By the time I was finnished in the garden and she was finnished splashing around, she was pretty much covered from head to toe in mud! But she was a happy baby. ImageDirty Grin

Garden Life Under the Clouds

We had an amazingly long stretch of warm weather here in Portland, especially considering how early in the year it is. We were decked out in shorts and t-shirts, running around barefooted and working on our freckles. Seeds were planted in the garden, weeds were pulled, the dog was walked and now we are living under clouds again.


The rain is good for the garden, that is sure. There are seedlings popping up in many places, though never quite fast enough for my impatience. My fear right now is that I might have inadvertently pulled up some seedlings while pulling the weeds. I guess there is no way to know for sure.

Some of my peas have come up nicely, their young tendrils making delicious accents to my salads, along with Rosemary flowers and a few kale leaves from an over-wintered plant. I am excited to eventually have my own lettuce to make my salads out of, but for now I am happy to be able to pick my own fixings.

It is amazing how fast the weeds grow though! It seems that I pull handfuls every time I step outside! If only they were all edible, then I could eat them as I pulled and they would not go to waste. Mind you, having them added to the compost pile keeps them in the garden cycle and so they are not wasted.

And the rain? Fortunately the days are still fairly warm, so getting wet is not completely miserable, and it means I do not have to drag the hose around to water the garden! There are always good ways to look at things. Yesterday when I got drenched while out on a walk with Marin and the dog, I was still grateful for the rain, as it brought the city streets a little bit closer to smelling clean. There still was not the fresh clean aroma of dripping moss-covered trees, salal and soggy pine needle strewn earth, but at least there were a few negative ions in the air and the smell of asphalt was subdued.

Gardening in February? Na… Just Wishful Thinking

Snowdrops have popped out beside the path along the edge of the house along with bright orange Crocuses, bringing that whole side of the yard to life, as if those few brave flowers are fabled heroes of garden foliage. Their bold defiance of winter tempts me to start planting seeds and buying young plants from the nursery, but I know that the pleasant weather we have been blessed with is sure to turn sour again before spring truly arrives this year.

The garden that the whole neighborhood was proud of, the one that is our front yard, had gone to the weeds. Last year I know it received a token attempt at keeping it kept, but with no woman around to nurture it, the weeds quickly overwhelmed the men and they gave up, turning their time and energy to projects more suited to their inclinations.

This year, the flowers and bushes have been cut back or uprooted and I have plans of adding new varieties, mostly edible plants and flowers as that way it will not only look pretty, but be productive as well. But nothing is going in quite yet. I am bouncing in anticipation, waiting for nice weather to truly be here before doing anything major to the garden. I sure hope it with look as nice as I imagine it!