Visit from the GUYS

Earlier this month my dad and oldest brother flew into town for a visit on their way back to Canada for work. I didn’t tell Marin about their coming until the day of, as she does not yet get the concept of “in a couple days”. But, that morning I told her they were coming, and her confident reply was, “and Ret come!” (Ret is her nickname for my sister Maret, whom she absolutely adores)

Despite it just being the guys and no Maret, she was still SUPER excited to go for a truck ride to pick them up at the airport, where my brother Mitch had to wedge himself in the back between the two car-seats.

After the excitement of the truck ride, Marin still managed to make every moment of their visit exciting. I don’t think Mitch woke up in the mornings by himself. He usually was pounced on by Marin and pulled into her games before he could get a drink or breakfast. Grandpa wasn’t much better off, being another source of fun for my toddler, and a great baby tender for Elita when I needed to get stuff done. He did get breaks though! Both of them did. It was called “nap time”, and all of them participated in it.

Mitch and Marin Asleep
Reading books at the end of a long day will knock anyone out!


Mitch and Marin Smile
Mitch and Marin were almost inseparable.

Their “long” visit of 4 1/2 days was short, but I think we got a fair amount done. Doughnuts, bubble tea, yard work, playground, long walks for cart food, more doughnuts, short strolls for more cart food….. the list goes on. Some of it can be seen here at my mom’s blog.


Mitch and Marin Tongues

These guys come through every couple of weeks or months, so I’m sure you will see more of them!

Summer Begins

In the three springs that I have spent here in Portland, OR, I have yet to experience a typical progression of weather from winter to summer. It seems that winter is sporadically blessed with summer type days and even weeks, while spring drags out with cold snaps and grey days. Does Portland ever have an even progression of miserable to nice weather in the spring?

But hey, what am I complaining about?! I’m sitting on a sheepskin covered park bench on my back porch, in shorts and t-shirt, enjoying the warmth even in the shade. Life really isn’t that bad, even if the weather is unpredictable! And Marin can’t complain, cause I take her to the park no matter what the weather is like (unless it is exceptionally miserable).

Yesterday was quite nice, and I walked the girls down to the Lippman Party Store on 2nd and Yamhill. We found a nice little face painting set for Marin, which she was super excited about. Then we stopped at Next Adventure for Seth’s lunch break, enjoying the warm day together for a half hour before he headed back inside and the we started back up the hill to home.

Back at the house, Marin dug (literally) into the paints with a great amount of gusto! I wanted to take a picture of her when she was finished, but every moment of delay in cleaning her up meant a compounded amount of time to be spent cleaning the house from all the paint tracks and trails. She had colour in her hair, down to her toes, and every surface of skin in between. Her hands had layers of paint caked on so thick it was literally pealing off. She looked like a body paint monster of the cutest order.

Sorry there are no pictures of the paint monster, but I hope you will enjoy these other photos!

4947 Tounges 5045 Elita's Bicycle Oppinion 5049 Family Repair IMG_5255 IMG_5300

Pettal Works

Well, I accidentally pushed a button while working on getting info put into my shop on Etsy, and now it is a live shop! Didn’t mean it to be so soon, but hey, when the baby is fussing and you’re just trying to finish up some stuff, sometimes a button or two gets pushed without really meaning to.

Anyway, Seth’s and my shop is open for business!

The funny thing is that of course it is recommended for you to have a fair number of items to sell right away when opening up a shop. We do have more coming up. I just have to take better photos and list them. But right now there is a tantalization of 2 listings. Yes that is right. Two.


For those of you who would like to take a look, (remember, there’s only two listings so it shouldn’t take you more than a minute!) our shop can be found at



All constructive comments are welcome. Please feel free to add your opinion about things.

Remember that this shop is still an adventure under construction. Things will change hopefully on a daily basis. More items are planned to be added by the end of the weekend.

This really is an education for me, and I would like to thank my daughter for still taking naps so I can have a chance to work on the shop for an hour every day. I would also like to thank my husband Seth for his encouragement.

Alberta Street Fair

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Every last Thursday surrounding the summer months, NE Alberta Street hosts an open fair or market for artists to show off their stuff. It is free for anyone who has made their own items, so we tried making a few things and took them up there by bicycle. This last month’s art display was painted horseshoe crabs by Seth with a small input from myself, as well as a small display of leather wallets I hand sewed.

We like traveling by bike as much as possible, which is pretty easy here in Portland, and traveling with art is pretty fun and rewarding although it certainly is full of effort. It takes us about 45 minutes of riding to get up to Alberta Street from the Powell area with fully loaded bikes and trailer.

When we got up to the fair, we found Seth’s friend Tom who builds cargo bikes and sells doll head planters at the street fair. Setting up beside him, the two guys had fun bouncing ideas off each other as Seth showed off his creative skills in erecting a rain canopy over his bicycle horseshoe crab display, utilizing tent poles and a large sheet of plastic that let light through from the street lamp just above us.

A bout of bike jousting broke out right in front of us in the middle of the street and belly dancers flirted their hips in bright colours with bells and jangles to the tunes of live gypsy music. Food carts spot the street corners, filling the night air with fragrant smells. Music beats out over the smells, teasing the ears like the smells tease the nose.

Exciting night for yet another family adventure!