Sunday’s Adventure (also happened to be Father’s Day)

Father’s Day. Yeah, everybody is writing about it aren’t they?

Well, I think Seth had a decent day. It started by chatting with the house guests that arrived almost unanounced the previous night (they turn out to be pretty cool people) and then off we went as a small cute little family to check out a Pedalpalooza group focused on riding bicycles with small children. We had thought that it was going to be everyone riding their bikes with kids, but we found it was more of a sit down talk session at one of the bike shops where a lady gave was explaining the diferent options for carying kids. So…. we continued on down to the weekend market instead. I’m sure we probably could have picked up a few tips or something, but Marin is fairly well set in her carseat on the trike, so we didn’t feel the need to stick around.

Downtown is a weekend market that consists of artsy-fartsy craft people of high caliber, so we always enjoy checking out what they have and grabing a bite from one of the food carts.

To add to the downtown atractions, there was also a Gay Pride Parade going on as well, so of course we had to stop and watch them for a little bit and marvel at the dress code. Or at least, marveled at the dress code or lack thereof.

Then it was off to work for Seth, so we said goodbye beside our bikes and parted ways, except that after wandering around the crowds for a little while longer, Marin and I went to visit him at Mountain Hardwear for a short bit. I like the staff there, as they are all very suportive of Seth and have no problem with me stopping by and taking advantage of their little sitting area to get off my feet and nurse Marin. I think Seth enjoyed having us there, being able to peek around the corner when he didn’t have a customer to talk to, and see Little Marin fascinated with her own reflection in a full length mirror. She was able to walk right up to it and touch it, not knowing what to think of the cold hard thing getting in her way of touching the other little girl that looked just like herself.

Seth and Marin being goof-balls
Seth and Marin being goof-balls

Yet again, we had another family adventure on bicycles in Portland!

Biking Trio

Having done extensive research on the proper age of a child before taking him/her for a ride on a bicycle, we came to the conclusion that “one year” sounds right if putting your little munchkin in a trailer or seat.

But what about on your back?

We have a wonderful baby carrier that is designed for infants, holding Marin’s head nice and close to my body, so muscle strength in her neck or lack thereof is not an issue.

On this one particularly pleasant fall day, we bundled Marin up warm inside her one-piece rain suit (in case the weather changes on us) and took off on an easy jaunt up to the top of Mt Tabor.

I started with Marin on my front as that is how I carry her every day, but before long Seth helped me switch her to my back, making it easier in me while riding. With frequent stops to check in on her well-being, we discovered that she quite enjoys going for rides as the few bumps and vibrations that make it through my body and up to her along with the fresh air have a wonderful sleep inducing effect.

Fresh air + bicycle movements = sound sleep
Snuggled tight, she’s like wearing a custom backpack.