Young Imagination

I remember trying to help my mother put the sheets and blankets on my parents’ king-size bed. Usually we got about two sheet corners in and she would throw up her hands with a laugh then toss the rest of the bedding on top of me in exasperation! I loved being tucked away between the layers, with light peeking in around the edges or sifted through the sheets themselves.

Being a kid is fun. I remember that, and take joy in seeing my own child having fun, especially with our bed sheets.

Marin sandwich on toasted white sheets
Marin sandwich on toasted white sheets

Marin And Her Grandpa

The first day my dad was here, Marin wasn’t sure what to do with him. But he paid attention to her, played with her and ignored her until she grew comfortable with him. Two days after his arrival she gave him a smile first thing in the morning. Having won her affections, my dad plays, cuddles and carries her around almost all day long now!

She likes her grandpa and that is wonderful to see.

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Free Range Math

I grew up with wonderful parents who decided to home school my sister and I instead of sending us to a public school. That is the course that I would like to take with my little girl too, and it looks like already I have some support from other people.

Tee showing Marin how fun and colourful math can be.
Tee showing Marin how fun and colourful math can be.

Aye’s girlfriend Tee is a “free range” math tutor, making numbers fun for kids to play with instead of a mind numbing or frustrating chore to do just to get through their grades. Her students love her teaching, as she is able to pass on her love of math and learning in general.

Huge Steps in One Week

People told us right as soon as Marin was born, that we needed to enjoy each day to its fullest as she would grow fast and time would fly past us so fast we wouldn’t see it. I certainly have tried each and every day to appreciate and treasure each of the little things she does, and I know that Seth does as well. We each enjoy cuddling and playing with her, making her smile and ooggling over how big her toes have grown or how crystal clear her blue eyes are. Even the whites of her eyes have a slight clean blue tinge to them!


This past week has been a big one for our little girl. Seth bought her a  sippy cup which she absolutely loves. She has found a new fascination with her toes, bringing them up to her mouth to suck on even if there is a leather shoe in the way.

Yesterday she rolled over for the first time, going from her belly to her back, but no, she did not roll back over. One thing at a time!

One of her favorite things for us to do with her, is stand her up with just her hands holding onto something solid or holding our own hands, then see how long she can wiggle and wobble and hold her balance on her feet.

She has finally learned that being put in her snow suit is NOT a bad thing. Now she smiles and giggles when she sees it come out, knowing that a walk or bike ride is coming up for her which she really enjoys.

They Love Each Other

Seth and his little girl
Seth and his little girl

These two love hanging out together.

When Seth comes home from work and gets all his biking gear off, Marin is the one he goes in search of. A kiss on the forehead, whiskers rubbed on her cheeks, she smiles and squirms, expecting him to pick her up…. which of course he does, with a big ol’ grin on his face. They then spend the next hour or more making faces at each other and retelling the day’s adventures in a language that Mamma can not understand. They giggle and laugh at each other, happy to be together again.



Yesterday almost as soon as Seth came home from work, he started playing with his little girl, making her smile. Nothing new there, they quite enjoy each other’s company and she grins big for him all the time. But last night had a first in it.

Laying on her back, with whiskers being brushed against her chin and cheeks by her doting daddy, she let out a little giggle.

Minutes later, as he made faces while changing her diaper in preparation to head out on a walk, she giggled again!